About Tirill

Did you ever stare into the flame of a lonely candle at night, and wondered how easily it empowers your imagination, wonderfully varied in its shape and form?

Maybe Tirill’s music can be compared to this, at first sight small flame – it unfolds its magic only if you take the time to come closer and to meet it with open senses, but then it might spellbind you with its breathtaking charm.

It’s mostly calm music, arranged carefully and with so much feeling that no words will match the deep beauty hiding in the shadows… I presume a modest character like Tirill wouldn’t agree to such a statement, but five years after the release of her magnificent debut album “A Dance With The Shadows” enthusiastic reviews keep on appearing in alternative media all over the planet, reflecting the timeless magic of her gorgeous songs. Those attract many listeners with the unique personal approach of the Norwegian singer and songwriter who says that she “always enjoyed folk music, archaic instruments, acoustic sounds, classical music and arranging, middle age music…” Nowadays she combines the manifold influences with a rich instrumentation “to a sound and an expression which I feel is my own. I think I always had a strong feeling on what sound I would like to create. And through the instruments I played, I was lucky enough to have the possibility to do that. When I work with music, I often feel what I need to add in order to fulfil the song, and I engage other musicians in where I think they could fit and enrich the music.”

And there’s surely more to it than the melancholy which is said to be typical for her home country, although that sentiment is omnipresent in Tirill’s tranquil, yet often dramatic compositions. “Whatever style or instrument have been used, it will somehow turn out Norwegian”, admits the singer. Nevertheless she integrates musical patterns and melodies from abroad. “I believe some components in my music are analytically easy to recognize, but I guess the combinations make the totality a little different.” Thus Tirill’s music remains even for the experienced listener fabulously unpredictable and crosses stylistic borders with magical easiness.

Notwithstanding the individual character, Tirill’s music evokes atmospheres which might feel familiar to people who have a close connection to nature and who ask themselves basic questions of life. “I never wanted to push upon any truth with my music”, says Tirill, “but I’m glad if it can remind about other spaces inside us were many a truth is surely lying undiscovered. I believe there are many ways of getting conscious about oneself. As for my own experiences, I think a basically different way of looking at the world and happenings around would be a reason for becoming conscious. It makes one ask questions and seek answers. For me, music is a kind of an answer.”

So if you listen to Tirill’s enchanting music with open heart, it might lead you to so far unknown places deepinside of you and give you the chance to find new enriching perspectives beyond the superficial beauty of what’s said to be “fantastic” folk music. This is for sure much more than entertainment – it’s an affair of the heart.

Thor Wanzek,  Trollmusic