Day of the release.. here! And we want to celebrate it with this new video clip. The images are from Coole Park and other places relevant to Yeats’ life and work.  The song is based upon the poem Before the World was Made,  from The Winding Stair and Other Poems (1933).

The web shop is now open for safe and easy purchase of the physical albums! For digital download, Amazon is the first one being on schedule!

We hope that you will enjoy the music!



Only 5 days left till the 20th! There will be no huge release party that day, but a brand new video clip will be published, and the webshop will be open for orders. The albums will also be available for download from over 130 digital music stores.

Presentation of the releases:

Tales from Tranquil August Gardens

Nine and Fifty Swans


Autumn releases

October is not only one of the most beautiful months, it is also a great time to release albums! At least it is for us hyperboreans, that need some good music to warm our souls with as the winter sets in. And here are two albums I would recommend for that particular use:  Finn Coren’s  “Mitt hjerte – dikt av Jens Bjørneboe”  and White Willow’s Terminal Twillight. The albums are being released these days.



means bow in Greek, and is the name of the string quartet I had the pleasure of listening to a few days ago. The quartet consists of musicians from France, Greece and Norway, playing the traditional instruments nykkelharpe, cello, Cretan lyra and Hardanger fiddle. Together they create an intercultural, yet impressively authentic sound of folk music.

The songs are composed and arranged by the members of the group, and each song has its recognizable signature  from the nationality of the particular songwriter. The band is touring frequently in Europe. If they pop up in your neighborhood, you wouldn’t want to miss them! Tokso