The interview that was recorded in Athens two weeks ago, was broadcasted yesterday afternoon in Greek radio. 1,5 hour with many new songs presented┬á ­čÖé


Home again

I am finally back in Norway, having so many impressions to digest. I really had an enriching time there, in many ways. Hope to be back soon.


Two Greek words for today


This day started with an appointment with the stray dogs in Athens. They seem much healthier and happier than they did just a few years ago, and people seem to care more about them, letting them inside their shops while it is raining; feeding and appreciating them. For the first time I truely enjoyed my walks in Athens.


I was just a few hundered meters from my destination, a bazaar for stray dogs, when my map suddenly began to look different┬áthan my surroundings. I had to ask for help, and it turned out that those couple of hundred meters were not possible to pass by foot (that was not visible on the map). I would have to walk the same distance back again, then take the metro one station, then change, and one station further with another train. Only for 300 meters! I still enjoy my walks in Athens, but the city is far as logic as the greek grammar. ­čÖé


Elaborate in Greek, please

I was happy to finally┬ámeet with Aleksis Vakis, composer, arranger and music critic in several Greek music magazines and radio. Luckily my CD ended up┬áwith him a few years ago, which lead to the most wonderful review in the Greek music periodical ╬ö╬Ö╬Ž╬ę╬Ł╬č (Difono). Later on we caught up on internet, and meeting him here in Athens was truly an enriching experience.┬áWe ended┬áup at the local┬áradio station,┬ádoing a broadcast┬áon ” A Dance with the Shadows” in Greek ­čÖé


Pantelis Thalassinos live!

The concert was as wonderful as I dreamed of. The band contained of┬á10┬áamazingly steady musicians playing basic instruments as keyboards, bass, drums and┬águitars,┬áas well as┬ádifferent kinds of wonderfully played┬áflutes and a bagpipe. A┬ápsaltery┬álike instrument called┬á╬║╬▒╬Ż¤Ä╬Ż (canon) was┬áthe ultimate sound spice during the concert, and the┬ásteady and expressive violin┬áwas in great balance with the extremely attractive ╬╗╬Č╬┐¤ů¤ä╬┐ (laouto).┬áThe inevitable ¤ä╬┐¤ů╬╝¤Ç╬Á¤ü╬╗╬ş╬║╬╣ (toumperleki) bound it all together and lifted the┬áatmosphere up to beneath the┬ároof.┬áThe┬ávoice combination Pantelis Thalassinos and Melia Kana was very successful. Kana is a wonderful singer. Pantelis himself is simply an endless┬ásource of good energy and wonderful melodies and arrangements, expressed through his wonderful voice and playing.┬áHe is a rarely┬áinclusive, warm hearted┬áand vivid musician!


A music trip to Athens!

I arrived Syntagma yesterday evening. The streets were so empty you would believe they were haunted. Only a few stray dogs and a bunch of police buses and men from the fire department would witness my careful steps towards my hotel in Plaka. They helpfully showed me the way, and ensured me there would be nothing to worry about, for the moment.

Arriving Plaka was another world. I enjoyed this warm December evening walking the narrow streets where the cafe tables are still standing outdoors with candle lights.  Akropolis is lightened up at night so that one can enjoy the sight of it at any times.

I have come here to listen to one of my heroes, Pantelis Thalassinos, who is playing tonight and tomorrow evening here in Athens. I am also here because of my own music. And it is like the whole town is whispering “change”, both on behalf of itself and me.